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Text book instruction with a complete curriculum , from Mental and Physical preparation and a theoretical perspective to Video Feedback through Lead and follow on track sessions.
Including but not limited to Technical instruction through Data analyzing of the engine performance and driving strategies based on technical data via Mychron Data collection.

Triple R owner/Instructor Ryan Rudolph has 15 years of competitive kart racing under his belt; Including multiple regional championships, Victories, and National podiums including wins! Our instructor has driven about every size kart and engine category there is in karting from 50cc kid kart cadets to full blown 125cc professional shifter karts, together we can further improve your driving abilities with one of our driving programs!

No learning curve is too steep, no lane too narrow. We're here to take on the Karting world. Join us.


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Professional  Kart driver Instruction !

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Professional Kart Driving Instruction.